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STBA Teknokrat

Teknokrat students, for the fourth time,won the competition of Putra-Putri KampusTingkat Kopertis Wilayah II, an event held by the Coordinator of Higher Educational Institutions Region II. Four students grabbed trophies from this competition held on Saturday (12/12) in Emilia Hotel, Palembang.


Sebagai bagian dari masyarakat internasional, siswa wajib menguasai bahasa Inggris

Meningkatnya iklim persaingan global dan interdependensi antarnegara di dunia menempatkan bahasa Inggris sebagai bahasa internasional. Mimimnya penguasaan bahasa Inggris akan melemahkan daya saing dan nilai jual SDM dalam berbagai lini.


STBA Teknokrat became the winner of the Japanese Speech Contest held for the Sumatera region by The Japan Foundation. A number of Sumatera’s leading universities such as, Universitas Sriwijaya and Universitas Negeri Padang sent their delegates to this competition conducted at the Universitas Bung Hatta Padang.





Teknokrat Higher School of Foreign Language conducted a seminar with the theme “English Literature: Prospects and Opportunities”. The seminar held on Tuesday, July 28th, 2015 was presented by Akhyar Rido, SS., MA, lecturer of STBA Teknokrat who is pursuing his doctorate degree at UKM (University Kebangsaan Malaysia) in the GSG Building.

This seminar was aimed to motivate the students to be the future generation to think critically. Thinking critically is being able to give criticism and also being able to distinguish the good thing from the bad. It also identifies the problem and provides a solution for it. Furthermore, students must be competent; it means that they must have abilities to master at least one skill.

Rido elaborated on the job opportunities available for the graduates of English Literature. Many alumni of Teknokrat English Literature are working in the fields of education, multinational companies, hotels and hospitalities, media and broadcasting, banking and finances, and transportations. “Alumni of English Literature can work in any fields that they want, except to be doctors and judges”, he joked. In addition,the students were introduced to the curriculum, lecturers and teaching, scholarships, and campus life at STBA Teknokrat.

A total of 30 students attended the seminar. The students were enthusiastic and they were active in question and answer session. One of the students said that the seminar was very useful for new students like them. "There are many new things related to campus world that we did not know previously and now we know what we are going to do after finishing our study in this college."




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