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Three students of STBA Teknokrat, Ni Ketut Ayu, Ahmad Renaldi, and Rani Putri Stevani, feel so proud and happy after presenting their paper in International Seminar on English Language Teaching (ISELT) in Padang.  They presented the results of their research in front of hundreds of international scholars from Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, USA, Australia, Oman, and Indonesia, on Mei 11th - 12th, 2016 in University of Padang.

Ayu, Renaldi, and Stevani submitted their research proposal and passed the review stage. They received the letter of acceptance from the committee after a couple of weeks.  After that, they had to prepare their full paper and presentation slides to be presented at the seminar. Finally, two papers entitled Gramatical Difficulties Encountered by Second Language Learners and Phonological Difficulties Faced by Students in Learning Englishwere successfully presented at the seminar.

Ingatan Gulo, S.S., M.Hum, the students’ advisor, stated “STBA Teknokrat students are capable of showing excellent achievement in the global stage. Speakers from around the world challenge them with real, significant global issues.” Meanwhile, Akhyar Rido, Ph.D, the head of English Literature study program, said that “These experiences encourage the building of research knowledge as well as develop international understanding and leadership skills that benefit the students. Those who present in this international seminar return to their schools and communities with many new experiences to share.”



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