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Teknokrat students, for the fourth time,won the competition of Putra-Putri KampusTingkat Kopertis Wilayah II, an event held by the Coordinator of Higher Educational Institutions Region II. Four students grabbed trophies from this competition held on Saturday (12/12) in Emilia Hotel, Palembang.

Those students are the first winner from men’s Hady Duantoro, the first winner from women’s Putri Ayu Dosia, the third winner from men’s Dani Wijaya, and the winner of photogenic category from men’s Yunanda Saputra. This made Teknokrat general champion in that competition.

“Teknokrat has won the competition for four times in succession. Praise be to God, we could still be the defending winner this year,” said the advisor of student activity unit Duta TeknokratYusra Fernando on Sunday (13/12). He explained that the selection of Putra-Putri Kampus Kopertis II is anually held in Palembang. This year’s event was attended by 55 best students from privat universities in Southern Sumatera region. This region covers four provinces namely South Sumatera, Lampung, Bengkulu, and Bangka Belitung.    

The students had to pass through some selection steps such as document selection, written test, interview, talent show, and public speaking skill. “The participants had to be good at spoken and written English because they had to speak in English during the interview process,” said Yusra.In addition to physical appearance, intellectual ability of the students was prioritized. They had to be academically astounding and culturally knowledgeable.Since July, the students had been preparing for the event. They were trained for public speaking and talent show.


In the competition, Hady Duantoro played Lampung traditional music istrument gamolan pekhing. With that istrument he played modern pop song entitled All of Me from John Legend.The winner from women’s, Putri Ayu Dosia, proved her skills and ability by reporting the news about the event in English.

Still in the same session, Deni Wijaya showed his talent by singing Sandiwara Cinta from the band Republik. “Yunanda Saputra performed a unique and interesting attraction of Silat Lampung (a kind of traditional martial art) combined with Lampung dancestari bedana and tari ngarak,” said Yusra.



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