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STBA Teknokrat

STBA Teknokrat became the winner of the Japanese Speech Contest held for the Sumatera region by The Japan Foundation. A number of Sumatera’s leading universities such as, Universitas Sriwijaya and Universitas Negeri Padang sent their delegates to this competition conducted at the Universitas Bung Hatta Padang.

Siti Khatimah from Teknokrat College became the 3rd runner-up with her speech entitled "Sakura No You Ni Ikiru‘ Life is Like Sakura Flower’. Further, Nisa Aprilia from the same college was the 1st winner with her speech entitled Sensei Shitsumon Ga Arimasu ‘Our Teacher Has Questions’ that elaborated the way of asking something we do not understand. As a result, Nisa Aprilia will be the representative of Sumatera in the coming National Japanese Speech Contest held by Japan Foundation in Jakarta.

As there are many criteria being considered in order to win Japanese contests, Aprilia and the team had been preparing for the above regional competition for three months. Those criteria are grammar, accent, fluency, expression, mastery of the content of the speech, and answers to the jury’s questions. Inukai Hideo Sensei, Teknokrat's lecturer from Japan and the advisor of the college team, continuously trained and motivated the delegates so that they could win.

The chairman of Teknokrat Education Foundation, H. Mahathir Muhammad, S.E., M.M., expressed his pride for the achievements made by the students. “These students of D3 Japanese are potential to win at national and international levels. We had Sucindawini Riskhi who, in 2013, represent Indonesia to an Asian Japanese Speech Championship held in Japan", he said.



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