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STBA Teknokrat

Teknokrat Higher Education was first known as "Kursus dan Bimbingan Teknokrat". Nasrullah Yusuf, the founder of this institution, established it on February 19th, 1986 by having capital he used from a motorcycle he sold for Rp 1.600.000,-. This institution at the beginning of its establishment was still limited to courses in English, accounting, learning guidance, and manual typing. When it was first opened in March 1986, it consisted of 32 students in two English classes, 22 students in accounting,  8 students in manual typing and only 2 teachers. the teachers were Nasrullah Yusuf and Hernaini Nasrul who taught English, accounting, typing, cram school, administration, and manual typing.

In 1995, the name "Kursus dan Bimbingan Technocrat" was changed to “Lembaga Pendidikan Teknokrat”. In 1996, Teknokrat then established the "One Year Education Program", which prepares high school graduates with vocational skills to be able to compete and win in the job market. The programs are Computer Accounting, Computer Graphic Design, Computer Secretary, and English.

Teknokrat Founders tried to increase its participation in national education. In 2000, Teknokrat Higher Education was established under Teknokrat Education Foundation. Teknokrat Higher Education consists of Higher School of Informatics Management and Computer (STMIK) Teknokrat, Academy of Informatics and Computer Management (AMIK) Teknokrat and Higher School of Foreign Language (STBA) Teknokrat.

Higher School of Foreign Language (STBA) Teknokrat received operational permission and legal status on April 25th, 2000 and registered its status in General Directorate of Higher Education of National Department of Education Based on Letter No. 48/D/O/2000. STBA Teknokrat has a bachelor program English Literature and two diploma programs which are English and Japanese. Since 2003, those three programs have been accredited by National Accreditation Board for Higher Education (BAN PT). The entire study program has got a ‘B’ for the accreditation score.




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